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 B3 trial run~

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B3 trial run~ Empty
PostSubject: B3 trial run~   B3 trial run~ Icon_minitimeTue Aug 31, 2010 5:34 am

Everyone says Lunia is so hard now, especially B3. So i decided to give it a go~

The main goal of B3 re-balance is that they are making monsters harder to kill, but they don't 1hko u as much anymore.

My stat:

1k+ str, 8k hp, full afd rbed lvl 87 Tia. Used guild mp pot and 1.5k hp pot. No skill dye all ><. Wanted but didn't use AEH effect because I couldn't find any AEH in market.

Pretty much m4 build (no bs, rb bs, mine, bomb, or slip. Those 5 skills are really important in B3.) Instead I have mid air, fairy flame(don't ask why..), wow maxed, which is pretty useless in B3.

Pretty bad build for B3, but oh well. And I havn't done B3 in a few month prior to this ><

So, some important things I notice about each stage:


Cart don't 1hko anymore. But alot more hp, mine still hurts a lot. Just kill them one by one.

The larva that suppose to be 1hko to stun attack is weird now. With Tia's S, you have to be dead center to make the stun bonus damage work. Rest is pretty easy. Mini Bosses get a bit increase in damage. Boss still fairly low hp. Same old thing.



Things get a bit tricky. This stage had two monster that's 1hko to stun, the mud monster and boss from raid(flame god or w.e. name). Well, not anymore: stun don't 1hko them anymore. So you just have to take them out like normal.

In the room after 3 dragons is the running dragon that makes walls. Before if u hkd on the walls, they break and 1hko the dragon. Not anymore. And he still 1hko you if he runs on you. That nib. This is the only place I used my ult once of whole B3 run, because I got mad when he keeps running on me while I try to test if I can break wall or not.

Boss here is the most fun. You know how Daru puts down stone and the stone spits out 1hko fire? And you are suppose to hkd it to break the rock? Here is where most yuki/dainn fail. Well, good new is that the fire don't 1hko anymore. LOL but the bad news is you can't 1hko it with hkd anymore. I tried a few times, actually died to it, then I decided it's not possible anymore. So if you don't kill Daru fast enough, you will have a field of fire spitting stone on you. Was pretty fun running around dodging fire and trying to kill Daru...



Pretty much re-appearing monsters. My nightmare came when I killed Daru and he left about 5 rocks in the room. So I had to dodge Dainn's attack while breaking the rocks first. Was tough. Final boss has alot of HP.


Total run I used 2 ress, one each on 3-2 and 3-3B.

So all in all, B3 is definitely harder. If you had problems with B3 before patch, it's pretty much way out of ur league without some serious practice. If you could do it with your eyes closed before, now it's just some change that you have to get use to. I think the hardest part is Daru's rocks. Rest is pretty easy. But then again I am 1k str Tia...

But the whole point of this is that, B3 is not definitely still doable. I feel Lunia is more fun this way, but yea, treat B3 as a challenge stage, not some random stage you want to just steamroll by.
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B3 trial run~
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