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 Want to join Heroe ^^

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Want to join Heroe ^^ Empty
PostSubject: Want to join Heroe ^^   Want to join Heroe ^^ Icon_minitimeTue Dec 14, 2010 5:12 pm

I would like to join Heroe ^^
Haha didnt see the format ^^

*What is your name?

-What is your IGN and your class?
KriegElHati1 - Krieg

-Do you have any other characters and which is your main class?
Krieg is main atm.
AlwaysWorkHard - Gaon

-Why would you wish to join Heroe?
It seems as though it is very friendly and many pros are in their, so they could give me tips for a build Very Happy

*What is your CURRENT level, Your TOTAL level,and how many rebirth do u have?
Current Level - 76
Total Level - 216 i think
Rebirth - 2

-What was your previous guild,and what is your reason to leave your guild?
EmeraldDust, It just seems as though, they say they will help you get 5k str and get into DD, I dont really mind that they havent, Its the fact they just dont do anything, no practical, they just say do this and do that through chat, 1 or 2 people help now and then but Id rather be in an active guild

*How many hours a day do you often play?
Cant say for sure per DAY but per WEEK is around 100-120hours a week, sometimes more

*Do you do guild quest every weekend?It's a good thing if you can do it.If not,why wouldn't you do it?
I CAN do it, but I havent really seen the point so far, but I have noticed the guild ranking point, and if I can get "27" hours in a day contribution, then I would, its an extra 21 hours to a 168 hour week, so that makes it 189, correct me if I'm wrong, but I havent checkt he quests for a while.

-Where do you live?And what time Zone?
I live in Essex - London - England
Time Zone - Gmt +0 o.o

I await a reply from somebody ^^

Bye santa rendeer rendeer rendeer rendeer rendeer Very Happy Merry Christmas
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Want to join Heroe ^^ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Want to join Heroe ^^   Want to join Heroe ^^ Icon_minitimeMon Dec 27, 2010 11:22 pm

lol you prob found a new guild by now.
Heroe is closed for recruitment i suppose

Want to join Heroe ^^ A
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Want to join Heroe ^^
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